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January 11 & 15, 2010 - Lake Dardanelle & Holla Bend

After several days of some of the most prolonged cold tmperatures that we have seen around here in a long time - many of the area lakes and rivers became partially iced over. Here are pictures from the 11th around Lake Dardanelle including Lake Dardanelle State Park. While out at the state park I happened upon a cormorant who was on his back and either stuck to the ice or just unable to get upright. He looked quite exhausted. I threw rocks to break up the ice and after a bit of work he was able to get upright. I had to break up the ice even more and throw sticks around him (i never hit him once!) to allow him to get on the ice. He didnt fly off before I left but when I came back he as gone and I am sure he was able to recover and fly away. He did look quite defeated a few times (as seen below).

On the morning of the 15th I headed over to Lake Dardanelle State Park again... here are a few pictures.

Later in the day I visited Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge - here are a few pics



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